Thursday, June 06, 2013

Apprenticeship 2

The Apprentice is a TV reality show, pretending to be about management. See my earlier post on Apprenticeship (Feb 2011).

Following the latest programme, Derek Miers (@bpmfocus) argued that All the apprentices should be fired (June 2013). Derek was struck by how completely disorganized the candidates all appeared to be. I suggested that this appearance might be distorted by the TV edit, which would obviously leave out all the boring bits where people are doing things properly. "Yeah right", he replied.

@DavidFCox writes "Who is responsible for #theapprentice failures here? @Lord_Sugar for the ridiculous time scale. A sensible one cd have found gr8 product." @1xChrisHarvey agrees "Lord Sugar, you're fired." The Apprentice 2013, episode 6, BBC One, review (Telegraph 5 June 2013)

Failure? In entertainment terms, the only failure is bad ratings. The Purpose of the System is What it Does.